The Student Aid


The Student Aid is an Online Tutoring Service Provider which basically designed to provide tutoring services Online. The Student Aid is a team of Very High Qualified Teachers and Students who dedicated their life to serve the students. These students and teachers also possess professional degrees like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), ACCA, Financial Risk Manager (FRM) etc.


The Student Aid Provides opportunities to the students to be familiar with the highly experienced and Qualified teachers to solve their problem. This site provides solutions of Final Exam, Final Paper, Final Project, Assignment, Discussion Question, Journal, Exercise, Full Course, Reports etc. Lots of Students previously earned good grades through our tutorials and quality study materials.


Students can also order their customized Essays, Assignments, Exercises, Reports, Discussion Question, Journal, Final Exam, Final Paper, Final Course Project etc by ordering through our Order page. All the solutions will be provided within 72 Hours. We also provide urgent solutions for Premium Customers.


Currently we are offering tutorials for the following courses:


ACC 205, ACC 206, ACC 557, ACC 561ACC 290, ACC 291ACC 421, ACC 422, ACC 442ACC 455, ACC 499ACC 599,

BUS 401, BUS 475,BUSN 379, BUSN 5200, ECO 204,  ECO 365, ECO 372, ECO 561, FIN 2030, FIN 330, FIN 370, FIN 382,  Fin 534

 MGT 230, MGT 307, MGT 498, MKT 421, XACC 28O


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