ACC561 Accounting Week 1 DQ


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Author’s Corner Video “Introduction”

This video provides a nice summary of the topics to be discussed during this course, which will be a combination of financial and managerial accounting.  What are some of the differences between financial and managerial accounting?  Which topics are you looking forward to learning about the most?  Which of the course topics is most applicable to your career?  Any experiences to share?


Author’s Corner Video “Role of Accounting”

In this video, Paul Kimmel explains what he feels the role of accounting is in society today.  Do you agree with his assessment?  What role do YOU think accounting plays in the business world?  Kimmel also goes on to describe the ways in which accounting alleviates investor concerns.  Why are each of these strategies important to accounting?


Author’s Corner Video “Financial Statements”

Why are financial statements important to internal users, such as employees, managers, and directors?


Author’s Corner Video “Accuracy of Accounting”