GEN499 General Education Capstone WEEK 2 DQs


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GEN499 General Education Capstone WEEK 2 DQs


Professional Resume and Cover Letter

Create a professional resume and cover letter for a position within your selected industry, and attach a copy to this discussion forum.

Respond to at least three of your classmates’ posts by Day 7, providing both positive and constructive feedback.

If you do not have a resume or cover letter, you may access helpful resources by logging into your Ashford University Student Portal. From the Student Portal homepage, locate Career and Alumni Services (look for the blue “Career” word cluster image) and click on the link to My Career: Career and Professional Development Center to review resume and cover letter resources.

If you would like additional assistance, Career Services is available to critique your resume and/or cover letter. You may contact Career Services directly at, or call the appointment line at 1.866.711.1700, ext. 1876.  Please allow adequate time (2-3 business days) for a Career Services Specialist to respond to your request.