HRM531 Human Capital Management Week 2 DQ


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Should demographic regions play a role within an employee’s compensation? Why? What type of data is needed to determine an employee’s compensation? Can you find an example of an employer who varies compensation by geographic regions in the United States? How does geographic compensation alter an employee’s views on mobility? Provide a research basis for you answers.


What are the components of the benefits package provided by your employer? What is your assessment of your employer’s benefits package? Do you think most of your coworkers feel the same as you? Why? How does an organization communicate the value of a benefits package? What benefit do you believe should be added to your employer’s benefits package? What arguments would you use to persuade your employer of the return on investment (ROI) of the proposed benefit increase?



Watch the “Week Two Difficult Concepts” video.

In the video, John, the benefits specialist, advises, “So, as a manager, there’s another way to help reduce medical costs.  You can encourage your employees to stay healthy.  Make sure they know about all of the great health information and links on our wellness site.”

 Does your organization encourage employees to “stay healthy?” How would you advise an obese employee to lose weight? How would you advise a smoker to stop smoking? If you are selecting a person for a new job, can you consider the possible health risk levels of the applicants and make your selection of the applicant who appears healthiest?


Watch the “Joie de Vivre: Hospitality” video.

The careers page for Joie de Vivre Hotels states, “At Joie de Vivre, employees at all levels within the company create our unique workplace culture. We put people at the heart of what we do and use it as a measure of business success. In addition profits and guest satisfaction, leadership is committed to building a unique corporate culture where employee satisfaction and participation are paramount” (JDV Hotels, n.d.).

 Based on the video and your review of the organization’s website, would you want to work for the organization? What factor is the primary reason for your decision?