RES351 Business Research WEEK 3 DQ


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RES351 Business Research WEEK 3 DQ



Class, do you have any experience with any of the collection strategies discussed in Chapter seven, including how you utilized technology?

The next time you are at a fast-food restaurant, take time to observe patrons as they enter the store, place an order, and consume their meals.  What elements of this chapter were you able to apply?  What challenges would you encounter if you had to observe for a longer period of time and capturing your observations?

Class, have any of you been involved with an experimental research design?  Years ago my family participated in a Neilson study which is an experimental design and they randomly select participants.  What has been your experiences?

Class, what has been your experience either reading qualitative journal articles or participating in a qualitative research study?

Class, what has been your experience with interview research?  Have you ever participated in a study?